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Dvla Vehicle Registration Contact Numbers - 0870 042 0450

Dvla Vehicle Registration Contact Numbers

Updated on Feb 23rd, 2018

DVLA Driving License Number & Vehicle Registration:

0870 042 0450
• HQ Address: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR, United Kingdom
• Opening Hours: Visit the official website below for your local open hours.
• Website:
Calls to 0870 & 0871 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company access charge.

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Registering a Brand New Vehicle

If you are lucky enough to have recently purchased a new vehicle from a car or motorbike dealership the dealer will typically register and tax the vehicle for you, however if you have purchased the motor vehicle privately or the dealer has not taxed and registered the motor vehicle you will need to register it yourself. All vehicles registered with the DVLA will get a unique registration number and when the DVLA has collected all of the details about yourself and your new vehicle they will issue a V5C as confirmation that the vehicle is now legally registered to you. This will happen within 3 weeks, if it has been longer than 3 weeks then you should contact the DVLA on their DVLA customer services number - 0870 042 0450.

Vehicle Logbook – V5C

Your vehicle logbook is now called a V5C which stands for a vehicle registration document and is supplied by the DVLA to every vehicle owner when registering their car, motorbike, scooter, van, lorry or any other motor vehicle. If a vehicle is sold, lost, scrapped or exported to another country it will require contacting the government with the altered details on them. You will also need to contact the DVLA if you have had your vehicle customized in any way as detailed below.

Vehicle Customizations

You must get in contact with the DVLA if you make any modification to your car including but not limited to the following: Vehicle identification number (VIN) Car Colour Engine, Cylinder capacity (cc) or Fuel type Seating capacity Weight of a large vehicle, e.g. goods vehicle or camper van Wheel plan Body type, e.g. you convert a van to a camper van or 'motor caravan' Chassis or body shell even if replaced or modified Chassis number for cars & other applicable motor vehicles Frame number for motorbikes The DVLA may need to inspect your vehicle if a large modification was made and in all cases will need your V5C log book sent to them so they can amend it and send it back to you. If you need to get in contact with the DVLA use the DVLA Call Number - 0870 042 0450.

Changing Name or Address

If you change your name or address you will need to contact the DVLA to get them to update the V5C – vehicle registration certificate. It is usually free to change this information however if you do not update the DVLA they can fine you for up to £1,000 so it is very important you do it. Which document you need to send to the DVLA depends on what information you need to change, for changing your address fill in section 6 of the log book, for changing your name you also need to fill in section 6 and attach a note to say you have changed your name. If you are changing both your address and your name at the same time you will need to include proof about your new name. If you are unsure about what to fill in or need assistance call the DVLA V5 contact number on 0870 042 0450.

Selling a Vehicle

If you have recently sold your vehicle you will need to inform the DVLA in order for you to be removed from the vehicle on their database, you can do this via post through the V5C form or you can ring them up using the DVLA contact number on 0870 042 0450.

Replacement / Lost V5C

If you have lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed your V5C or have not received a V5C for your new vehicle you will need to contact the DVLA for them to send out a new one immediately, you are able to apply by phone if you are the registered keeper or by post if you are not. A new V5C will cost £25 regardless of whether you apply via post or phone. It should take up to 5 days to get a new log book but can take up to 6 weeks, if it has been more than 6 weeks you will need to contact the DVLA by post or phone at 0870 042 0450

Phone - 0870 042 0450

You are able to apply for a new V5C log book by phone if you are the registered keeper and your name, address and details of the vehicle have not changed, you will need to pay the £25 fee via credit or debit card during the call. If you have all of the above contact the DVLA customer services number on 0870 042 0450


If you are unable to phone please fill out a V62 application form for a log book which you can get online or at any major post office, you will need to send the completed form along with a £25 cheque or postal order to:

SA99 1BA

Find out more about your Vehicle

If you wish to find out more information about a vehicle that you currently own or are planning on buying by using the official government online vehicle enquiry service you will be able to find out information such as: 

vehicle tax disc expiration date 
MOT expiration date 
First date of registration
SORN status 
The colour of the motor vehicle 
The size of the engine 
The year the motor vehicle was manufactured
The CO2 emission level of the vehicle 
The current vehicle tax rate of the vehicle.

Find out more information about the vehicle or current owner

You are also able to request additional information about the vehicle and the current driver of the vehicle if you have reasonable cause as to why you need the information. You are able to ask about details of a vehicle’s registered keeper, information about previous owners for a vehicle that is in your name or information the DVLA has about yourself. For example you may want to know: 

Who was responsible for an accident if the vehicle you’re interested in was involved in one. 
Trace the owner of an abandoned vehicle 
Tracing the owner of a vehicle that is illegally parked on private land 
Outstanding parking tickets
Tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods or services
Tracing vehicle owners who are suspect of insurance fraud


To request any of these details you will need to fill out a V888, V8882 or V8883 form which can be downloaded from the website, if you would like to find these forms or get more information check out the request information from dvla section of the website.


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